Baby Rhinos Cry After Milk Runs Out

A trio of orphaned baby rhinos let out a series of high-pitched cries after they ran out of milk. The group let their caretakers at a South African rescue shelter know that they were upset that mealtime had come to an end. They were brought to Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary after their mothers were killed by poachers. Screen capture/Working With Rhinos/YouTube

SONPARK, South Africa, May 18 (UPI) — A group of baby rhinos at a South African rescue shelter expressed their disappointment after realizing they had run out of milk.

Video shared by Working With Rhinos shows the three baby rhinos at Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary letting out a high-pitched squealing noise after their feeding time came to an end.

The trio crowd around the holes in the fence where they were being fed as a worker can be heard telling them that the milk is “all done” as they pull the feeding bags away.

One rhino abandons the cause after a short time, while the other to persist in their begging.

According to the description, the three rhinos were orphaned after their mothers were killed by poachers.


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