Berlin to evacuate for disarming of World War II bomb

The city of Berlin, Germany is preparing for a mass evacuation to allow experts to defuse a 1,100-pound World War II bomb. Photo by Clemens Bilan/EPA

April 20 (UPI) — Berlin is set to hold a large-scale evacuation Friday to allow experts to defuse a 1,100-pound World War II explosive.

Buildings within a 2,625-foot radius from the German construction site where the British bomb was found will be evacuated beginning 9 a.m. local time as a precaution.

The evacuation area includes government ministries, a hospital and the city’s central train station.

Local bus and train routes will be disrupted during the operation, but the operator of Berlin’s Tegel Airport said Friday’s operations will proceed as scheduled.

“Good news: The originally coordinated Tegel flight plan for tomorrow can take place as planned,” the airport said.

The discovery of bombs from World War II are a common occurrence in Germany and police said there is no immediate danger for people in the area from the bomb.

About 65,000 residents in Frankfurt were evacuated in September as experts successfully defused an unexploded bomb.


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