Bodies Of Seven Babies Found In German Home

Bodies Of Seven Babies Found
Police found seven dead infants in a home in Wallenfels, Germany. Photo by Ilya Andriyanov/Shutterstock

WALLENFELS , Germany, Nov. 13 (UPI) — Police in Wallenfels, Germany, said they’re looking for a woman who lived in a home where they found the bodies of seven infants.

The 45-year-old woman resided in an apartment inside the home prior to the woman who now lives there and made the discovery Thursday. The babies were found in a single room by an ambulance crew that arrived at the home on an emergency call.

A couple well-regarded by neighbors lived in the home with several children for 18 years before the family moved. A neighbor told the German newspaper Bild the mother of the family spoke of having several miscarriages.

The town of 2,800 people, near the border with the Czech Republic, has a reputation of tranquility, but Mayor Jens Korn commented, “This incident has occurred in this safe little world and now many people here are touched and sad about it.”

Germany has been shocked by several incidents of infanticide in recent years. In 2014 a woman was convicted of killing her children and hiding their bodies in a freezer. In 2005, the bodies of nine newborns were discovered hidden in flower pots in a town near the border with Poland.


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