Boeing nabs $189.3M for repair and support work on F-15 warning system

An F-15E from the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron refuels from a KC-46 over the Nevada Test and Training Range in November. Photo by Savanah Bray/U.S. Air Force

Jan. 1 (UPI) — Boeing was awarded a $189.3 million contract modification Thursday for repairs and support equipment of the F-15’s Eagle Passive Active Warning and Survivability System.

Per the Pentagon’s contract announcement, the deal modifies an earlier contract for low-rate initial production to add funding for property repair, acquisition of support equipment, technical Made by BAE Systems, the EPAWSS is an integrated digital avionics system designed to protect the F-15E Eagle against enemy air defense systems by providing radar warning, geo-location and situational awareness.

The F-15E Eagle Fleet at California’s Air Force Base began testing the EPAWSS system on aircraft in April.

The EPAWSS was also one of the “prioritized tests” during an exercise called Large Force Test Event 20.03 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

Once operational, the EPAWSS system is designed to replace the Tactical Electronic Warfare System currently used on the F-15, described in an April press release from the Air Force as using “1970s analog technology designed for combat operations in environments defended by 1980s-era radar-based ground and air threats.”


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