Boris Johnson releases Conservative Party Manifesto ahead of elections

Boris Johnson. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Annika Haas

Nov. 24 (UPI) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson released an election manifesto for the Conservative party on Sunday pledging to complete Brexit and provide 50,000 more nurses in England.

Johnson released the 59-page manifesto, which he described as a “partial blueprint” for the future of the country 18 days before the general election.

During a speech launching the plan, Johnson said Britain has never faced a more “closely fought” contest.

“Get Brexit done and we can focus our hearts and minds on the priorities of the British people,” he said.

In regards to Brexit, Johnson promised to reintroduce the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to Parliament before Dec. 25 and ruled out extending the transition period beyond the Dec. 31, 2020 deadline.

The manifesto also promises there will be no political alignment with the European Union after the withdrawal and that Britain will have full control of its fishing waters.

Johnson pledged to increase the number of nurses in the NHS England workforce by 50,000 by 2024-2025 with training 14,000 new graduates and undergraduates.

In addition, the plan would seek to recruit 12,500 nurses from outside Britain and 19,000 from extra training places, and reintroducing maintenance grants for students.

Independent fact-checking charity Full Fact reviewed the plan’s proposals and calculated that adding 50,000 nurses would cost $3.6 billion.

Other pledges include adding 20,000 more police officers to the force, a “triple tax lock” to prevent increases in income tax and national insurance for five years, and increased spending for school finding and childcare.


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