Break with superstition earns Kansas man $10K lottery prize

Robert Burel said he always buys Kansas Lottery scratch-offs with the number "7" or numbers that add up to "7," but on a whim he ditched the superstition and won $10,000. Photo courtesy of the Kansas Lottery

Aug. 28 (UPI) — A Kansas man said a break with his unusual superstition led him to buy a lottery ticket he normally wouldn’t have touched — and it won him $10,000.

Robert Burel told Kansas Lottery officials that he has a rule when it comes to purchasing scratch-off tickets: He only buys tickets that end in “7” or feature numbers that add up to “7.”

“This one was #12, so I wasn’t going to get it, but I was feeling lucky so I went ahead and got it,” Burel said.

Burel’s break from superstition turned out to be profitable — he won the top prize on the $10,000 Crossword ticket.

“I knew immediately after scratching it that the ticket was a winner,” Burel said. “I started counting words and when I got to 11, I got excited. Then there were 12, and finally 13, and I started to get all jittery.”

Burel, a truck driver, said the money will go toward buying his own semi so he can go into business for himself.


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