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British PM May given unemployment form by a heckler during speech

Photo Courtesy: UPI

Oct. 4 (UPI) — During a speech to the Conservative Party conference Wednesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May was interrupted by a heckler serving her with a job termination form.

May was speaking as the three-day conference, a rally for the party, was wrapping up in Manchester when comedian Lee Thomas rose from a chair and handed her a P45 form — used in Britain as bureaucratic paperwork when a person leaves a job.

“Boris asked me to give this to you,” Nelson, also known as Simon Brodkin, told May, a reference to British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson.

May then suggested that she wanted to give a P45 form to Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition Labor Party leader.

The prime minister then experienced a coughing attack, remedied by a throat lozenge offered her by Treasury Chancellor Philip Hammond. She joked that the audience should note that Hammond, seated in the front row, “was giving away something for free.”

The tough day at the dais ended as letters from a Conservative Party slogan on a wall behind May, reading “Building a country that works for everyone,” began falling off.

About half the letters were on the floor by the time the event ended.