Bystanders rush to help water buffalo mistaken for drowning cow

Photo: UPI

April 1 (UPI) — An Australian woman has a message for concerned neighbors: the apparent drowning cow on her property is actually a water buffalo having the time of her life.

Amanda Bolton, of Queensland, said concerned passersby will occasionally stop to let her know a cow seems to have wandered into her dam, but recent flooding led to at least three visits from strangers who thought they spotted a cow struggling in the high waters.

“For the third time today, I’ve had to traipse down in the wet to talk to the driver,” Bolton wrote on Facebook. “For the third time today, I’ve had to explain at length that Doris is not a cow in distress, she’s our pet water buffalo having the best day ever in the overflowing dam and the deluge of water that’s currently falling on our region lol!”

She told the Queensland Times that Thursday saw an unusually high number of concerned visitors who confused the water buffalo for a drowning cow.

“We probably get, on average, one person stopping once a week,” Bolton said. “On Thursday quite a few noticed Doris. She is a bit like a hippo and is known to go completely under the water or will venture into the middle of the dam and only her horns and ears are visible.”

Bolton, who said she bought 10-year-old Doris on “impulse” three years ago, said in her Facebook post that she wasn’t upset by the confusion.

“Am I cranky about people checking in about her? Absolutely not! I’m thrilled that members of our neighborhood are taking the time to touch base, express concern and offer help during this horrible weather! Gold star folks! Keep looking out for each other and huge thanks for remembering to keep an eye on the animals in the area.”


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