Cape Verde Police Capture Suspected Killer Of 8 Soldiers, 2 Civilians At Africa Military Barracks

Cape Verde, an island nation of about 500,000 people, was the site of a deadly attack Tuesday on a military barracks near the capital of Praia, officials said. Police said they believe a disgruntled soldier, who was captured Wednesday, opened fire on several others who were protecting a hilltop communications hub. File Photo by Attiarndt/Shutterstock

PRAIA, Cape Verde, April 28 (UPI) — Authorities on Thursday said they caught up with a man who shot and killed nearly a dozen people at a military barracks in the Republic of Cabo Verde, which investigators believe was fueled by a personal feud.

The 23-year-old suspect was apprehended Wednesday following a 24-hour manhunt and taken into custody without incident, news reports said.

Authorities said the suspect, a Cabo Verdean soldier, was armed but had no time to resist, BBC News reported.


Eleven people were shot dead Tuesday on the nation’s island of Santiago, located about 350 miles northwest of the African coast. Eight of those killed were soldiers and three were civilians, two Spaniards and a local resident.

Investigators said previously that they believe the attack was the result of a “personal feud,” and not drug- or terror-related.

The small nation of about 500,000, also known as Cape Verde, has seen a fair share of cocaine smuggling in the 40-year history since it declared independence from Portugal.

The Cabo Verdean government, which called the attack “heinous” and “barbaric,” on Thursday announced the identities of all 11 victims.

“We know that no words and no act replace the pain that the families of victims feel right now,” Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva said on the government website.

“On behalf of the Government of Cape Verde , I want to express the deepest condolences. We are strongly committed to significantly improve the system and the level of security in the country.”

Silva also thanked police and other personnel who helped capture the suspected gunman.

The soldiers and civilians were helping to repair communications equipment at the top of a hill near the barracks, officials said.

Wednesday and Thursday were declared as days of national mourning in the African archipelago.


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