Carbon Monoxide Diverts Plane To Tulsa, Passengers Panic

A Delta passenger airplane taxies toward a departure runway at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta in 2006. A Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver was diverted to Tulsa Saturday when nine passengers became ill. Tulsa fire officials said they showed all the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, the source of which has not yet been found. File Photo by John Dickerson/UPI | License Photo

TULSA, Okla., July 10 (UPI) — Passengers getting sick on a flight from Atlanta to Denver Saturday began to panic before the flight was diverted to Tulsa.

“As people started seeing other people freaking out everybody just kind of went in to a panic,” passenger Dylan Doyle said.

Tulsa Fire Captain Stan May said his department evaluated 12 passengers showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, the source of which has not yet been found, Fox News reported.

One of those passengers was taken to a nearby hospital for unrelated medical issues. Another 150 other passengers were taken off the plane without their baggage and spent most of the day waiting in the terminal.

Tensions were running high before passengers from Delta flight 1817 finally were placed on another airplane late Saturday afternoon, KJRH reported.

“So everyone is just sitting here quarantined and they’re not telling us anything and it’s getting to the point where people, tensions are running high,” said Doyle before being reassigned to another airplane.

The original plane will be evaluated by a maintenance crew to determine the source of the carbon monoxide.


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