Chicago Man Awaiting Car Bomb Trial Attacks Fellow Inmate

CHICAGO, Aug. 19 (Thomas Monzon) — Reports of car bomb plot suspect Adel Daoud reportedly attacking fellow inmate in May, surfaced Tuesday.

An indictment was made against Daoud, 21, for assaulting an inmate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago on May 23. The charges say that Daoud had made his own shank to attack the inmate; additionally, they say Daoud was instigated by the inmate’s caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. The inmate reportedly taunted Daoud with the drawing and enraged him.

Daoud was 18 when he was arrested outside downtown Chicago’s Loop bar in September 2012, after authorities found that he had potentially activated a car bomb. In 2013, he was also accused of soliciting the murder of an FBI agent working undercover as a terrorist recruiter. Daoud wanted him dead so that the agent would not testify against him.

Prior to his arraignment for the new charges, Daoud called the accusations a “hoax” and part of an elaborate anti-Islam scheme. When ordered by a judge to conclude his remarks, Daoud said he would plead guilty to the original charge of plotting a car bomb if it was admitted that he was arrested because he is Muslim.

The district court that heard Daoud’s case for the current and original charges this week ordered a mental competency examination for Daoud to take place later this month, meaning his trial is tentatively rescheduled for January.

Daoud’s attorney, Thomas Durkin, was critical of the way Daoud has been treated by the correctional system, citing a lack of reform efforts for misguided youth that are being recruited by terrorist individuals.


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