Crayola weeds out ‘Dandelion’ colored crayon

Crayola announced Friday it is cutting the color dandelion from its lineup of 24 crayons. It's the first change ever for the company's 24-count box. Photo courtesy Crayola

April 1 (UPI) — Crayola, maker of the iconic childhood crayons, announced it is cutting the color “dandelion” yellow from its lineup.

The announcement came Friday, on National Crayon Day. The color has been a staple of Crayola’s 24-pack for the last 27 years. The change is a first for the medium-sized crayon box that’s been a staple of back-to-school shopping lists for generations.

Crayola said dandelion would be replaced by a color “in the blue family” that has not yet been revealed. Once it is, the company said it will look to consumers for the name, CBS News reported.

The announcement sparked a nostalgic outburst from social media users and more than a few wisecracks.

Crayola is retiring the “dandelion” crayon. I feel bad for kids in the future who won’t know what the color dandelion tastes like.

Crayola did not offer a timetable for when the new color will be revealed.


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