Danish police find sunken head, legs of missing journalist Kim Wall

The head and legs of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall were found submerged in bags weighed down with metal in the water near Copenhagen, about a mile from where her body was discovered in August.Photo by Tom Wall/EPA

Oct. 7 (UPI) — Police in Denmark said Saturday they discovered the head and legs of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall in waters near Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Police found the severed body parts and her missing clothes in bags weighed down by metal.

Wall’s identity was confirmed through dental records, and her head showed no signs of any skull fractures or other cranium damage, contradicting 46-year-old Peter Madsen’s explanation that Wall was killed when a 150-pound hatch on his submarine struck her in the head.

The head and legs were discovered about a mile away from where police found a torso with missing limbs, believed to be Wall’s on Aug. 21.

An autopsy of the torso had revealed Wall was stabbed more than 14 timesin her genitals and other parts of her body and her limbs had been removed with a chainsaw.

Police said they also found video footage of other killed women on a hard drive owned by Madsen, which he said was not his and was used by everyone in the laboratory.

Madsen was charged with negligent homicide after he said the hatch struck and killed Wall, who was missing since Aug. 11 after joining Madsen for an interview on his privately built submarine.


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