Data on North Korea’s 28 Internet websites leaked

North Koreans wait outside the border crossing between North Korea and Dandong, China's largest border city with North Korea.The country’s Internet is small, according to a recent leak of data that was posted to a U.S. website this week. Photo by Stephen Shaver/UPI

SEOUL, Sept. 21 (UPI) — North Korea‘s small constellation of 28 Internet websites was leaked to the outside world this week.

The cluster, however, did not include the domain name system for the reclusive state’s internal intranet.

A possible mistake by North Korean technology personnel led to the opening up of a server that held all the domain name information, Gizmodo reported Tuesday.

The accidental configuration allowed global or domain name system transfers, which “allows anyone who performs [a zone transfer request] to the country’s name server to get a copy of the nation’s top-level DNS data.”

Security engineer Matt Bryant made the discovery on Tuesday.

Bryant posted the North Korean website data to GitHub and told Motherboard that the information is the “complete list of domain names for the country.”

“It’s surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, very small,” Bryant said, according to The Guardian.

But the list does not include any information on North Korea’s intranet, which “isn’t accessible from the Internet in any way,” according to blogger and founder of North Korea Tech Martyn Williams.

Williams said the list contained no major revelations about North Korea’s web presence.

The list included a travel website, tour-booking information, pages for a university and for sports and a benign website about Korean cuisine.

The list did not include the site for an online shopping mall North Korea launched in 2015.

“Ok Ryu,” an e-commerce site established more than a year ago, offered services to allow North Koreans to buy consumer products, medicine as well as food items, according to KCNA.


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