Dutch Teen Killed Bungee Jumping From Bridge in Northern Spain

Dutch Teen Killed Bungee Jumping From Bridge
A bungee jumper leaps from a bridge in Norway. On August 10, 2015, a Dutch teen was killed bungee jumping from a bridge in northern Spain. Photo by Lyngenfjord Bungee/CC/Wikimedia Commons

SANTANDER , Spain, Aug. 11 (UPI) — A 17-year-old Dutch girl was killed attempting to bungee jump from a bridge in northern Spain, according to reports.

The incident occurred in Cabezon de la Sal, a municipality of Cantabria. The victim, who had been staying at a nearby surf camp with a group from Belgium and the Netherlands, fell about 140 feet into a dry riverbed after jumping from a viaduct over the A8 road.

Police say it is unclear what went wrong, but the teen had reportedly been “puenting” — a form of bungee jumping from a bridge that entails the use of two cords.

The BBC quoted local police chief Joaquin Gonzalez as saying the activity was “extremely risky.”

Last month, 23-year-old British tourist Kleyo De Abreu died after striking the lower part of a bridge during a bungee jump in southern Spain.

The Guardian reports Spanish police arrested a jump supervisor and an adventure company owner on manslaughter charges following the incident. The Guardia Civil released a statement saying the men failed to “execute their function with due care and precautions,” resulting in De Abreu’s death.

Prior to that, the last bungee jumping fatality on record was Robledo de Chavela, 48, who was killed during a jump near Madrid in 2013.


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