Elbit contracted for airborne laser designator work

Elbit will be tasked with producing airborne targeting technology for unnamed Asia-Pacific customers. Pictured: A Rafael-made Litening targeting pod equipped to an F/A-18 aircraft. Photo by Aadrover/Wikimedia Commons

HAIFA, Israel, Jan. 3 (UPI) — Elbit Systems has received $35 million in contracts from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to supply airborne laser designators for unnamed customers.

The agreement includes two separate contracts, and supports deliveries to two countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Company officials say the deal expands their investments in the region.

“Elbit Systems has years of experience in developing advanced electro optic systems including highly accurate and powerful laser designators in particular,” general manager Elad Aharonson said in a press release. “The awarded contracts reaffirm Elbit Systems’ commitment to the Asia-Pacific market and to its investments in local industries.”

The targeting systems being produced are designed to provide operators with precise target designation. Work on the contract is expected to take place over a three-year period.


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