Eric Trump shares, deletes illegal photo of his ballot while voting

Eric Trump, the son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shared a photo of his presidential ballot on Tuesday. In New York, sharing photos of a completed ballot is illegal and the tweet of the photo was subsequently deleted. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI

NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UPI) — Eric Trump shared and deleted an illegal photo of his ballot on social media Tuesday while voting for his father in New York City.

Trump, the son of Republican nominee Donald Trump, voted with his wife Tuesday morning. He snapped a photo of his ballot, with the bubble for his father filled in, accompanied by the tweet “It is an incredible honor to vote for my father! He will do such a great job for the U.S.A.” and the the hashtag “make America great again.”

Shortly after he posted the photo to Twitter, it was deleted.

All states differ on laws about taking photos inside polling places, but as the number of people wanting to take “selfies” with their ballots has increased, so has public awareness that in most states the act of self-expression is technically illegal. In New York, it is illegal to take photos inside polling locations or for voters to share photos of their own completed ballot with others.

The justification is it could be viewed as a violating someone’s right to cast a secret ballot, or as a potential form of voter fraud to make your own ballot identifiable. Typically, the photo ban is not enforced by poll workers and members of the media have been widely allowed to take photos of voters inside polling places without being questioned.


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