Escaped Illinois Prison Inmates Captured

Escaped Illinois Prison Inmates Captured
Kevin Rivera, left, and Jerrette D. Reed were captured after escaping a minimum security prison in Golconda, Ill. Photo from the Illinois Bureau of Corrections.

GOLCONDA , Ill., Dec. 8 (UPI) — Two men who escaped a minimum security prison in southern Illinois were captured 15 hours after they were noticed missing.

Kevin Rivera, 20, of Chicago, and Jerrette D. Reed, 25, were caught Monday morning in a field after leaving Sunday afternoon from the Dixon Hills Impact Incarceration Program, part of the Vienna Correctional Center in Golconda, Ill. They were part of a boot camp-style prison program allowing them to serve a shorter sentence if the program is completed.

They were captured about one mile from the prison.

“They will be escorted back to the facility, fed and given a medical examination before being transferred to a maximum security prison,” Illinois Department of Corrections spokesperson Nicole Wilson said in a statement.

Rivera began a five-year sentence for cocaine manufacture and delivery in August: Reed was serving a three-year sentence on methamphetamine charges.


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