Fireball That Streaked Over Western States Identified As Chinese Space Junk

A fireball composed of pieces of a Chinese rocket streaked across the sky Monday night in the western United States. Screenshot: Storyful

LOS ANGELES, July 28 (UPI) — A bright fireball that sparked UFO reports in western states including California, Nevada and Utah was revealed to be the remains of a Chinese rocket.

The fireball, which was caught on video in locations including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, lasted for about 30 seconds after it first appeared just prior to 9:45 p.m. Wednesday.

Some videos appeared to show the object splitting into two or more smaller fireballs.

The National Weather Service said the fireball was not weather related.

“It was seen here in Las Vegas. Looks like space debris burning up. Not confirmed,”NWS Las Vegas tweeted.

U.S. Strategic Air Command announced Thursday the fireball was identified as the remnants of a Chinese CZ-7 rocket body burning up while re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.


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