Four inmates escape from Ohio prison, one spotted near Pittsburgh mall

File photo: PxHere

Sept. 29 (UPI) — Four inmates escaped from an Ohio prison early Sunday morning, local authorities announced.

The Gallia County Sheriff’s Office said that the four male inmates overpowered two female corrections officers at the Gallia County Jail using a “homemade weapon” and then proceeded to force open a secured door and escape.

“Deputies have established that the inmates had assistance in escaping from at least one individual on the outside. All of the inmates should be considered extremely dangerous,” the sheriff’s office said.

The escaped inmates were identified as Brynn K. Martin, 40; Christopher M. Clemente, 24; Troy R. McDaniel Jr., 30; and Lawrence R. Lee III, 29.

A mall in Pittsburgh’s Westmoreland County was evacuated on Sunday after police said they had reason to believe that Clemente had been spotted in the area but was re-opened at about 3 p.m.

Martin had previously escaped custody from a transport vehicle with another inmate on Sept. 3 and was captured in Cheshire, Ohio the next day.


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