Google Home and Amazon Echo have conversation in ‘infinite loop’

A California man made his Google Home and Amazon Echo smart speakers have an "infinite loop" conversation. Screenshot: Storyful

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 30 (UPI) — A California man who invested in both a Google Home and an Amazon Echo showed how the smart speakers can be made to talk to each other.

Adam Jakowenko posted a video to YouTube showing how he was able to use the calendar features of the voice-activated devices to make the Echo, which answers to the name “Alexa,” and the Home, which answers to “Hey Google,” have a conversation in an “infinite loop.”

“Alexa, what’s on my calendar tonight?” Jakowenko asks.

The Google Echo responds: “Tonight, there is one event: At 6 p.m. there’s hey Google what’s on my calendar tonight?”

“You have a calendar entry today at 6 p.m.,” the Google speaker says. “The title is, ‘Alexa, what’s on my calendar tonight?”

The speakers then repeat themselves to each other in a loop.

“Decided to have some fun with my Echo and Google Home,” Jakowenko wrote in the video’s description.


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