Google reveals new Pixel 2 smartphones, Daydream View, Pixelbook

Photo Courtesy: UPI

Oct. 4 (UPI) — Google revealed a new line of tech devices Wednesday at its big hardware event — including two versions of its popular Pixel smartphone.

The company unveiled several new products at the event in San Francisco — including the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, a new Chromebook, a miniature Google Home, and a new speaker system.

Google said both new Pixel 2s have an upgraded camera and is water-resistant, and the Pixel 2 XL will have a design similar to the Galaxy S8. Both phones have the same exact features despite their difference in size.

The phone will also have music recognition and an “always-on” display feature that shows notifications even when the device is locked, among other features.

Another product shown off Wednesday is what Google calls Daydream View— a device featuring augmented and virtual reality for use with the Pixel 2.

Google also revealed its new Pixelbook, its next Chromebook — which company officials said is the thinnest, lightest laptop it has ever made. It will also feature a companion Pixelbook pen.

Another item unveiled Wednesday was the Home Mini, which has all the power of a regular-sized Google digital assistant. The product is marketed several features — including a sushi chef. Normal Google Assistant has also become smarter, with new capabilities to find your phone and voice control for hundreds of smart-home products.

Google has also closely partnered with Nest to create a line of products for home protection and safety, the company announced. Next can even recognize people at the door that it has been asked to remember and stream security cameras straight to home televisions, designers said.

Disney, Warner Brothers, Sports Illustrated Kids and more child-friendly companies have also partnered with Google for exclusive experiences for kids with Google Home.


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