Humpback Whale Pops Up In Middle Of Alaska Marina

Captain Cy Williams of Strike Zone Sportfishing captured impressive footage of a large humpback whale poking its head out of the water at Knudson Cove Marina in Alaska. The Facebook post noted that humpbacks had been appearing in the area to feed for several days. Screen capture/Strike Zone Sportfishing/Facebook

KETCHIKAN, Alaska, May 4 (UPI) — A massive humpback whale paid a visit to Knudson Cove Marina in Alaska, allowing visitors the chance to get an up-close look.

Strike Zone Sportfishing shared video of the rare encounter captured by Captain Cy Williams and noted that the whales had been appearing frequently in the area for several days.

“Humpback whale have been feeding at Knudson Cove Marina for the last 3 days, and this video taken by Captain Cy is too cool not to share!” They wrote.

The video shows Captain Cy tracking the whale’s movements before it swam underneath the marina dock and exposed its massive mouth as it came up for air.


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