Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wins third consecutive term

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban waves as he attends the final electoral rally of his Fidesz party in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, on April 6. On Sunday, Orban won a third consecutive term and a super majority in Parliament. Photo by Zsolt Szigetvary/EPA-EFE

April 9 (UPI) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was projected to win a fourth consecutive term Sunday as his Fidesz party won 133 out of 199 Parliament seats in nationwide elections.

Hungarian voters handed a super majority to Orbán, who campaigned on a platform that was skeptical of the European Union and opposed to immigration.

On thousands of billboards across the country, the Fidesz party put up a campaign ad that included a long line of migrants with a picture of a large “STOP” sign, reinforcing a major issue of concern for voters and highlighting the party’s hardline stance against more open immigration policies advocated by some EU leaders.

“We scored a decisive victory,” Orbán told his supporters. “We have received an opportunity, created an opportunity to be able to defend Hungary.”

The decisive win was seen as a blow to Hungary’s other parties, leading to the resignations of the chairman of the far-right Jobbik party, as well as the president of the Socialist party.

Geert Wilders


Congratulations Viktor Orbán with this excellent result.

A well deserved victory!


Orbán and Fidesz’s victory was praised by right-wing leaders across Europe, including France’s Marine Le Pen and Netherlands’ Geert Wilders.

Meanwhile, Orbán’s opponents fear his win will put too much power in the hands of a leader who they accuse of trying to undermine democratic institutions.

“If he wins a two-thirds majority, it will lead to the complete collapse of the opposition and a very dangerous scenario for the future of Hungary,” said Dr. Tóth Csaba, an analyst at the liberal Republikon Institute, told The New York Times.


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