Indiana city creates world’s largest chalk pavement drawing

Photo: Twitter

Oct. 1 (UPI) — Hundreds of people in Indiana’s capital city came together to set a world record by painting a massive chalk pavement mural.

About 500 people drew more than 4,000 feet of chalk art on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail in Indianapolis to claim the Guinness World Record for the largest chalk pavement art display.

The world record attempt was part of a three-day city cleanup effort by pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co. and nonprofit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

“Today’s Guinness World Records achievement showcased what’s best about Indianapolis,” KIB spokeswoman Ashley Haynes told the Indianapolis Star. “Countless individuals and organizations came together not only to break a world record, but to demonstrate the change we can make by each doing a little bit.”

Guinness adjudicator Christina Conlon was on hand to measure the record-breaking mural and confirmed Indianapolis had claimed the title.

The final mural was made up of 811 drawings, nearly double the record of 423 previously set by a community in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

“The volunteers and Indianapolis community are truly, officially amazing,” Haynes said.


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