Injured Dog Walks Again With Cart Designed By Indian Vet

Tommy, a dog injured on a road in India, has a new way of getting around. Screenshot: Newsflare

BENGALURU, India, June 14 (UPI) — A veterinarian in India designed a custom cart to allow a dog to walk again after its hind legs were injured in a collision with a vehicle.

Video filmed Sunday in Bengaluru shows veterinarian Dr. Madan Kompal fitting the dog, named Tommy, with a wheeled cart that holds his injured hind legs off the ground so he can use his front legs to get around with help from two wheels.

The 3-year-old dog was reportedly injured in a road collision.

“It is my own invention,” Kompal said of Tommy’s new cart. “The customized cart can be easily fixed and dismantled just by tightening or loosening a clip. The height, width and length of the cart can be adjusted as per the dog’s convenience.”

“The 10-inch wheels of the cart with ball-bearing make sure that the dog’s plastered hind legs do not touch the ground and the animals is not stuck in potholes,” the veterinarian said.


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