Iranian parliament officially labels U.S. CENTCOM a terrorist group

The Iranian parliament voted overwhelmingly to label U.S. CENTCOM a terrorist group Tuesday. Photo provided by Khamenei office/EPA-EFE

April 23 (UPI) — The Iranian parliament voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to put the U.S. Central Command and all forces under its command on a list of terrorists.

The action by Iran was in retaliation for the United States labeling Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group and imposing sanctions on it. The Trump administration labeled Iran a “state sponsor of terrorism” and the IRGC a “foreign terrorist organization” on April 8.

The Iranian parliament vote on CENTCOM was 173-4 with 11 abstentions. State-run media said the U.S. declaration “undermines regional and international peace and security” and “runs contrary to the principles of international law.”

“CENTCOM, as well as forces, organizations and bodies under its command, are declared terrorist and providing any assistance — including military, intelligence, financial, technical, educational, administrative and logistical — to these forces in order to counter the IRGC and the Islamic Republic of Iran amounts to collaboration in an act of terror,” the law reads.

The Trump administration continues to exert pressure on the regime in Tehran for acts that destabilize the region and for sponsoring terror.

On Monday, the White House didn’t renew the 180-day waivers that allowed certain countries to continue buying Iranian crude oil amid sanctions. Last fall, the United States allowed countries including Greece, Italy and Taiwan a six-month extension to give them time to find other sources of oil.

The end of the waivers takes another 1 million barrels of crude oil off the world’s market.

The Welfare Party of Mauritania condemned the U.S. decision, saying it will “further strengthen Iran’s authority and power.” The party also condemned Saudi Arabia and the UAE for their commitment to make up for the oil shortage by increasing their production.


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