Israel, U.S. test Arrow 2 missile interceptor system

U.S. and Israeli forces tested an Arrow 2 interceptor system Wednesday night in central Israel. Image via MoDIsrael/Twitter

Aug. 14 (UPI) — The Israel Defense Ministry and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency successfully tested the Arrow 2 interceptor system Wednesday night, according to the Defense Ministry.

The Arrow 2 system, which is designed to intercept long-range missiles, is part of the Arrow Weapon System.

During the test it successfully intercepted a Sparrow simulated long-range, surface-to-surface missile, which officials believe is similar to Iran’s Shahab 3 medium-range ballistic missile.

“Israel faces far and near challenges, and our technology patrol, led by Mapat, the aerospace industry and the defense industries, ensures that we are always one step ahead of our enemies and defend the State of Israel,” said Israeli Defense Minister Bnei Gantz.

The test, led by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Israel Missile Defense Organization, the US Missile Defense Agency and the Israeli Air Force, took place at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday at a test site in central Israel.


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