Judge blocks new Florida law that bans gender-affirming care for minors

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. File Photo by Debbie Hill/UPI

June 6 (UPI) — A Florida federal judge on Tuesday halted the state’s ban on gender affirming care, saying Florida has prohibited the treatments even when medically appropriate.

Last month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation that makes it illegal for health care professionals to provide gender-affirming medical interventions, including puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, and surgeries to transgender minors.

However, four Florida families have challenged the law, saying it “will cause irreparable harm” to transgender young people.”

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle sided with the families, saying that “gender identity is real” and agreed with the plaintiffs that gender-affirming care is “medically necessary,” according to Axios.

Hinkle also said that the Florida defendants had contradictory views of trans people.

“Any proponent of the challenged statute and rules should put up or shut up: do you acknowledge that there are individuals with actual gender identities opposite their natal sex, or do you not?” Hinkle said. “Dog whistles ought not be tolerated.”


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