Lava from Mount Kilauea has formed small island off Hawaii

The Hawaii Volcano Observatory field crew has uncovered a tiny new island that it says most likely emerged from fissure 8 lava flow. Photo courtesy of USGS

July 17 (UPI) — Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano has created a tiny new island on the Big Island.

The Hawaii Volcano Observatory field crew discovered the new island just about 10 feet offshore, which is estimated to measure between 20 to 30 feet in diameter.

“It’s most likely part of the fissure 8 flow that’s entering the ocean-and possibly a submarine tumulus that built up underwater and emerged above sea level,” the observatory said.

The lava overtook a school and park last week, bringing the total number of destroyed structures since eruptions began in May to more than 700, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Lava continues to flow from fissure 8, but all other fissures became inactive as of Monday.

The eruptions have displaced thousands of people. Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim declared a state of emergency earlier this month which lasts through next month.


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