Lebanese businessmen abducted, held for ransom in Iraq

Three Lebanese businessmen were abducted Sunday after arriving in Baghdad, Iraq, authorities said. File Photo by Rasoulali/Shutterstock/UPI

Oct. 25 (UPI) — Iraq’s Interior Ministry said Wednesday it’s investigating the kidnappings of three Lebanese businessmen, who authorities believe are now being held for ransom.

The three abducted men — identified by officials as Imad al-Khatib, Nader Hmadeh and George Batrouni — were taken in Baghdad this week.

Reports said two of the men were abducted on Sunday. Later that day, a third man who’d gone to arrange for their release was also taken captive.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry confirmed the abductions Wednesday.

Kidnappings for ransom or political reasons occurred frequently in Iraq following the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, but have become less frequent in the last couple years.


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