Lockdown At Arkansas State University Was Prompted By Student Film

Lockdown At Arkansas State University
A false alarm of three gunmen forced the campus to lockdown for one hour on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Arkansas State University

JONESBORO, Ark., Feb. 15 (UPI) — Arkansas State University was back to normal business Monday after determining reported gunmen on campus the day before were part of a student film project.

The campus in Jonesboro, Ark., was locked down for one hour Sunday after the initial report was made.

Chancellor Tim Hudson issued a statement saying students were filming a video project near the student union when costumed actors were reported as possible campus intruders by students who called 911. The filmmakers spoke to campus police and the matter came to a quick resolution.

University officials said their emergency management plan, including deploying text messages and emails to students and staff, executed properly.

Jonesboro police responded in tandem with university police and other law enforcement agencies to the false alarm.

The university previously handled an active shooter situation in December.


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