Masked suspect shoots DJ at Wisconsin radio station

File photo: Pixabay/Diego Parra

Aug. 7 (UPI) — A masked suspect entered a radio station in Madison, Wis., and shot the DJ in the buttocks early Sunday morning, WORT-FM radio said in a statement.

The shooter has not been arrested, and the DJ was briefly hospitalized for treatment but was quickly released.

At the time of the shooting, three people were in the radio station, including two volunteers who hid in the music library as they called 911 for help. No other injuries were reported.

Witnesses said they heard five shots. One of those bullets hit the DJ and at least one more shattered glass in the radio station’s studio area.

“Our station has faced many challenges over our 40 years on the Madison airwaves. And, as always, the community has responded to lend a hand. This is when the community in community radio shines,” WORT-FM said in a statement.

WORT-FM shut down for only six hours after the shooting as police investigated the scene.

David Devereaux-Weber, WORT Radio Board President, told WKOW-TV that the suspect might have known the code to enter the radio station’s building.

“It’s possible that they knew the code, which means they might have known somebody who knew the code or they might have been a former programmer,” Devereaux-Weber said. “Somebody who had a beef about something…and we’re not quite sure whether it’s a personal issue or a music issue.”


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