More than 8,500 Airmen volunteer for Space Force

More than 8,500 active-duty members of the Air Force have volunteered for the U.S. Space Force, the branch announced Tuesday. Photo by Robert Barnett/U.S. Air Force

June 9 (UPI) — More than 8,500 active-duty members of the Air Force volunteered to build the ranks of the newly-created Space Force in May.

According to the Space Force, the service is currently reviewing transfer applications and analyzing packages to determine where transfer boards are needed.

A total of 6,000 members will be selected for transfer.

According to the service, 16,000 military members and civilians have already been assigned to Space Force since the branch’s creation in December.

“I am incredibly proud of the men and women who made the bold decision to volunteer to join the U.S. Space Force and defend the ultimate high ground,” said Gen. Jay Raymond, chief of space operations, U.S. Space Force.

“It is a critical time for space, and those Airmen will build the Space Force necessary to compete, deter, and win as required to meet the needs of the National Defense Strategy,” Raymond said.

Volunteers include officers and enlisted members in Air Force Specialty Codes of space operations and space systems operations, as well as officers and enlisted members in several career fields common to both the Air Force and Space Force.

Volunteers in the organic space career fields will begin transferring Sept. 1, and for those in other career fields, transfer boards will be scheduled by Air Force Space Command as needed between July and November.


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