N.Y. man charged with homicide of twins left in hot car

Image: Pixabay

July 27 (UPI) — A father was charged Saturday with homicide after leaving twins in a hot car while at work, police said.

New York City police said the boy and girl were discovered dead in a car in the Bronx on Friday afternoon.

They are investigating if the cause of death was heat exposure.

Investigators said the father accidentally left the twins in their rear-facing car seats on his way to work at a nearby Veteran’s Administration Medical Center Friday around 8 a.m.

The father, Juan Rodriguez, 39, of Rockland County, was taken into custody Friday and charged early Saturday with two counts of criminally negligent homicide and two counts of manslaughter, police said.

Rodriguez told police that he went back to his car and noticed at around 4 p.m., after driving two blocks away, that the children were “foaming at the mouth,” at which point, he called 911, police said.

Mariza and Phoenix Rodriguez were around 1 year old when they died, according to NYPD sources, CBSNewYork reported.

“The vehicle had tinted windows, so it was almost impossible for anybody to notice that the children were there,” New York City Council member Fernando Cabrera said.


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