Napping FedEx Employee Stows Away On Cargo Flight

A FedEx employee accidentally stowed away on a cargo plane after he fell asleep amongst its contents. He was released by airport police Friday. Photo by Mike Fuchslocher/Shutterstock

LUBBOCK, Texas., April 16 (UPI) — An unidentified FedEx Express employee reportedly stowed away on a cargo plane traveling from Memphis to Lubbock, Texas after falling asleep among its contents.

The worker is said to have awakened from his snoozing mid-flight Friday before knocking on the pilot’s cabin door.

He was not allowed in for safety reasons, but pilots directed the man to sit in an extra seat for landing via telephone, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport director Kelly Campbell said, according to KCBD news.

After being questioned by Lubbock airport police, the man was not arrested, and was released to FedEx officials.

“There was no criminal intent,” Cambell said, according to Commercial Appeal.

FedEx spokesman Jim Masilak released a statement regarding the incident, saying “there was never any danger to our employees or cargo,” and that the company was “fully cooperating with investigating authorities.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Transportation Security Administration were both notified of the incident.


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