NASA satellite spots flooded Russian city

The Ishim River appears swollen and deep blue on May 13. The Siberian region experienced heavy rains throughout early May. Photo by NASA/Terra

May 28 (UPI) — Ishim is one of several Russian towns that’s been inundated by flood waters during the month of May.

This week, NASA’s Terra satellite caught a glimpse of the flooding from 440 miles above Earth’s surface.

NASA released a pair of images on Friday showcasing the swelling of the Ishim River, which flows through Russia’s Tyumen region in Siberia. The image from April 30, 2017, shows only a partially visible river, while the May 13 image shows a wide, dark blue flow of water.

According to recent new reports, water levels have receded slightly in the week since flooding hit. But many houses remain irreparably damaged, with at least 2,000 people sheltered in temporary accommodation centers.


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