Nebraska woman finds wedding ring inside thrift store purse

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

Oct. 24 (UPI) — A University of Nebraska student is trying to find the owner of a wedding ring she found tucked into the pocket of a purse she bought at a thrift store.

Mary Morton said she bought accessories for her Halloween costume at the Goodwill store in Lincoln and one of the items she bought was an old purse.

Morton said she later discovered what appears to be a wedding ring inside the purse.

“It was very obvious that it’s been worn a lot and that someone for some reason took it off,” Morton told KOLN-TV. “It was precious to someone. I’ve run through a thousand scenarios in my head.”

She said the purse contained only scant other clues as to its previous owner’s identity.

“I pull out some saline packets, an expired ticket to a show and a quarter,” Morton said. “Then I’m like I feel something down here and it ended up being a wedding ring, a really nice wedding ring.”

Morton posted a photo of the purse on Facebook along with a description of her discovery, but she said the post has yet to connect her with the ring’s true owner.

“I just wanna get it back to the owner because I know wedding rings are important to people and their families,” Morton said.


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