New Clinton Emails Contain Three ‘Secret’ Messages

Clinton Emails
Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton addresses the crowd at a Get Out The Vote rally at Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire on February 8, 2016. The latest batch of emails from Clinton's private account which she used during her stint as U.S. Secretary of State include three messages labeled as "secret," but none labeled "top secret." Photo by Matthew Healey/UPI | License Photo

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (UPI) — The latest batch of emails from former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server include three messages labeled “secret,” and 81 marked “confidential.”

The U.S. State Department released 551 emails Saturday, increasing the number of reviewed and released pages to 45,830 so far.

The previous batch of 2,000 pages of emails released in January marked the first set of “top secret” messages. A total of 22 emails were withheld at the time due to their classification.

The department must release all 55,000 pages by Feb. 29 after its initial deadline was extended due to a blizzard and bureaucratic oversights.

“We’re still working diligently on this,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Friday, according to The Hill, after missing their court-ordered deadline to release all the emails by the end of January.

The White House denies the delay was for political reasons as former Secretary of State Clinton continues with her bid for the Democratic nomination.

“I can tell you with full confidence that there has been no political interference in this process,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters ahead of the original January deadline.


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