New Jersey Paramedic Dies After Tending To Daughter At Crash Scene

New Jersey Paramedic Dies
Eskil "Scott" Danielson experienced a heart attack soon after tending to his daughter at a car crash scene. He died four hours after being admitted to the emergency room for severe back pain. Photo by Washington Township Police Department/Facebook

ANDOVER BOROUGH, N.J., Jan. 18 (UPI) — Andover Borough, N.J., councilman and EMS worker Eskil “Scott” Danielson died just hours after tending to his 19-year-old daughter at a car crash scene.

The 49-year-old public servant had answered a call to help treat his daughter, Alycia, and another passenger. Reports say Alycia sustained minor injuries during the crash.

“After tending to the scene, he complained of back pain,” his father, Eskil “Skip” Danielson told the New Jersey Herald.

Later, while checking in on his daughter at the Newton Medical Center, Danielson reportedly experienced a massive heart attack in the hospital’s waiting room.

Reports say he was airlifted to Morristown Medical Center at 4:34 p.m. Saturday afternoon and was pronounced dead about four hours later.

The Washington Township Police Department posted Danielson’s portrait on Facebook shortly after news broke of his death.

“Captain Danielson was an invaluable asset to this department and many other public safety agencies in Warren County,” the post read. “Scott always put the public’s safety first and foremost in his work and he was a true professional. He will be missed by many.”


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