Nipple-Biting Sunfish Caught On Camera In Utah

MIDVALE, Utah, Aug. 11 (Ben Hooper) — A Utah man taking video of himself at Lake Powell recorded the moment a fish jumped out of the water to bite him on the nipple.

The video, posted to YouTube by Boater’s Outlet, features Boater’s Outlet employee Wyatt Green pointing his camera at himself in the water at Lake Powell last week while sunfish swim around him.

The video goes into slow motion as one of the fish locks its eyes on Green’s chest and jumps out of the water to latch onto the man’s nipple.

Green quickly swats the fish away and holds his injured chest.

“Boater’s Outlet employee Wyatt Green gets bit on the teet while trying to relax with the fish down at Lake Powell. Make sure to pack some pasties on your next visit,” the company said in the video’s description.


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