North Korea calls on U.S. to end 1950-53 Korean War

The United Nations Command recently repatriated 55 transfer cases from North Korea that contain what are believed to be the remains of American service members lost in the Korean War. North Korea is calling for a declaration ending the war. Photo by Senior Airman Apryl Hall/U.S. Air Force

Aug. 9 (UPI) — North Korea said the “military confrontation” between Pyongyang and Washington must come to an end, in order for trust to develop between the two countries.

Workers’ Party Newspaper Rodong Sinmun said Thursday the solution is a “declaration of the end of war,” a reference to the 1950-53 conflict that ended in a truce and a divided peninsula.

“As the military confrontation ends through the declaration of the end of war, an atmosphere conducive to trust building will emerge,” the Rodong article stated.

The Rodong stated the declaration of the war’s end is a priority and a “necessity for the times.”

“It is the first step for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and the region,” the newspaper said.

The Rodong also stated Pyongyang agreed to a declaration to the end of war and to turn the armistice agreement into a peace treaty, but that “both sides need to move together” to make peace a reality.

The United States has yet to agree to a peace treaty ending the war. Last week, new U.S. Ambassador to Seoul Harry Harris said there must be “demonstrable moves” from North Korea toward denuclearization before ending the war.

Vox reported Wednesday the Trump administration is waiting for North Korea to start the process of denuclearization.

A formal timeline requesting Pyongyang to hand over 60-70 percent of its nuclear warheads within six to eight months has been rejected several times, according to the report.


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