NSC to deliver virtual training gear to British army

NSC's Unit Based Virtual Training is a follow up to the company's earlier delivery to the British army, Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment . Photo courtesy of NSC

Jan. 25 (UPI) — Britain’s Ministry of Defense has selected NSC to manufacture and deliver its Unit Based Virtual Training program to the country’s army.

The program, also known as UBVT, is a successor to the company’s Joint Combat Operations Virtual Environment program previously procured by the British army. The virtual training equipment has been used to prepare approximately 16,000 soldiers for service.

“Building on the success of the Op JCOVE program, UBVT will provide a highly-developed managed service solution incorporating the latest simulation and innovative technologies to bring new standards of best practice and coherence to the management of exercises and training objectives,” NSC chief executive Jeremy Spurr said in a press release.

Once delivered, the training equipment will allow recruits to practice firing weapons, conduct tactical maneuvers, operate heavy vehicles, and prepare for missions. The system comes equipped with military simulation game Virtual Battlespace 3, which is designed to immerse soldiers in realistic terrains to engage virtual enemies.

The game is also used by NATO partners and the U.S. Marine Corps to train combat personnel.

“Innovative systems like UBVT will raise exercise start standards and enable more challenging training, ultimately enhancing a soldier’s effectiveness on the battlefield,” Maj. Simon Roberts added.

NSC’s contract with the U.K. Ministry of Defense is valued at $5 million. The company expects the system to remain in service with the British army until at least 2020.


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