O’Malley Calls Sanders’ Climate Change Plan ‘Not Good Enough’

O'Malley Calls Sanders' Climate Change Plan
Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley slammed his rival Sen. Bernie Sanders' (D-Vt.) climate change plan. UPI/Pete Marovich

IOWA CITY, Iowa, Dec. 9 (UPI) — Former Maryland Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley took on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ climate change plan.

Speaking to the New Leadership Forum at University of Iowa on Tuesday, O’Malley told a crowd of about 130: “I don’t believe that his goals are adequate to the challenge and I also don’t believe he actually has any experience in getting these things done, and I have.”

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports Sanders spokeswoman Rania Batrice responded to the remarks by email Wednesday:

“It would be tough to find someone who has fought harder than Bernie Sanders to protect the environment or that has a better understanding of the implications to future generations if climate change isn’t addressed head-on.

“From proposing key legislation aimed at stopping climate change to leading the opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline and opposing the Bakken Pipeline, he is fighting to make sure our children and grandchildren do not grow up with the health ailments that are caused by a toxic climate.”

Sanders, O’Malley and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have all released plans to address climate change.

While Sanders’ plan calls for an 80 percent reduction in emissions by 2050, O’Malley’s calls for 100 percent clean energy by 2050. The plan would create a Clean Energy Corps to retrofit buildings to be more energy efficient. All 250,000 federal vehicles would be “subject to low- or zero-emissions purchasing agreements.” O’Malley unveiled his plan in June.

In addition to reducing emissions, Sanders’ plan would put a carbon tax into place, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and make investments in clean energy.

According to The New York Times, Clinton’s plan – put forward in July – aims to create enough clean energy to power every home by 2027.


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