Pennsylvania wallaby captured after two weeks on the loose

Police in Pennsylvania said a wallaby on the loose for about two weeks was captured after wandering into a resident's garage. Photo by the North Hopewell Township Police Department/Facebook

Oct. 8 (UPI) — An escaped wallaby on the loose in Pennsylvania was returned to its owners after it wandered into a resident’s garage, police said.

The North Hopewell Township Police Department said Rocko, a 3-year-old wallaby, was captured Thursday after a resident contacted police to help with an animal in his garage.

The animal turned out to be a wallaby, a smaller cousin of the kangaroo, that had been missing in the area for about two weeks.

Rocko made headlines last week when he was caught on camera by a resident.

Bredon Kline, owner of the Party Animalz Farm in Brogue, said Rocko the wallaby escaped when floodwaters damaged the farm’s fencing.

“It happened about two weeks ago during the flooding,” Kline told PennLive. “He was in a temporary pen, and the 6-foot perimeter fence was washed away in the storm. I wish I knew where he was.”

Police said Rocko was not injured and was returned to the farm.


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