Pittsburgh passes bill restricting assault-style guns

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Popscreenshot

April 3 (UPI) — The Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday passed gun-control legislation that bans some assault-style firearms and ammunition five months after a gunman opened fire inside a Squirrel Hill synagogue killing 11 people.

The council voted 6-3 to pass the legislation, which makes it illegal to load, brandish, display, discharge, point or use an assault weapon within city limits.

The legislation also allows courts to temporarily remove weapons from people who appear to pose an “extreme risk” to others or themselves. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, who helped write the bill, is expected to sign it.

Authorities described one of the guns used in the Tree of Life synagogue shooting on Oct. 27 — a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle — as an assault rifle. The shooter also used three Glock .357 SIG semi-automatic pistols in the shooting that left 11 dead and six victims injured.

Supporters and opponents of the new legislation attended Tuesday’s city council meeting. The National Rifle Association said it plans to back a lawsuit challenging the city’s definition of “large capacity magazine.

“Pittsburgh residents have a right to carry the self-defense tool that best suits their needs and the NRA is proud to support this challenge to the city’s magazine ban,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.


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