Police use tear gas, arrest counter-protesters of LGBT march in Poland

Photo: Wikimedia Commons; Benson Kua

Sept. 29 (UPI) — Police used water cannons and tear gas, and arrested dozens of counter-LGBT protesters during the Second Equality March on Saturday in eastern Poland.

Around 1,000 officers patrolled the march, which attracted about 1,500 in Lublin, according to lublib112.pl, a news site in Poland. Lublin has a population of around 342,000.

Marchers carried rainbow flags and signs and chanted slogans that included “Love is love,” the Evening Standard reported.

Among anti-gay protesters, there was picture of two naked men and the words: “Such people want to educate your children. Stop them.”

The water cannons and tear gas were used to allow the marchers to proceed down the route.

Nearly 30 people were detained during police operations.

In addition, a photojournalist suffered a hit with a drink can in the head.

A court overruled the decision by Lublin Mayor Krzysztof Zuk to ban the march, citing security concerns.

LGBT activists have become more vocal and didn’t organize events in conservative towns until last year.

The conservative ruling party, Law and Justice, opposes gay rights ahead of Poland’s election on Oct. 13. Poland is mostly Roman Catholic.


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