Recalls potentially affect over 250,000 Ford trucks

Ford Motor Co.issued one safety compliance recall and two safety recalls of its trucks, potentially affecting 250,000 vehicles. Photo by Jeff Kowalsky/EPA

Feb. 26 (UPI) — Ford Motor Co. announced recalls of its F-series trucks this week for three separate issues, affecting more than 250,000 vehicles.

The company issued a safety compliance recall for F-150 vehicles with LED headlamps made between 2018 and 2020, noting that when certain light switches are activated, daytime running lamps remain illuminated instead of dimming to parking lamp intensity, as required by federal motor vehicle safety standards. The bright lights could impair the visibility of other drivers. A Ford statement on Tuesday said the issue potentially affects 166,196 vehicles in the United States and 50,989 in Canada.

A safety recall also was issued for Ford F-150 vehicles made in 2015 and 2016 and equipped with engine heater elements, by which engines are connected to household electrical currents to warm the engines in cold climates, and 3.5-liter GTDI engines. Some vehicles may have cables with insufficient heat protection and incorrect length, and exposure to high heater temperatures could cause inadvertent tripping of household electrical breakers or ground fault interrupters, making the heaters inoperable and increasing the possibility of melting wires and fire.

Vehicle owners were advised not to use the block heater until the wiring is inspected. The recall potentially affects 13,854 vehicles sold in the United States and 19,679 sold in Canada.

Ford also announced a safety recall for 2020 F-Series Super Duty and 2021 E-series vehicles, which may have an inadequate amount of axle lubrication. The issue could cause a seizure of the differential, bearing failures and separation of the driveshaft from the rear axle. It potentially affects 319 vehicles in the United States and seven in Canada.

In each case, the company said that no reports of accidents or injuries were reported, and that customers whose vehicles have possible problems will be notified.


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