Redacted Mueller report to be released Thursday

Robert Mueller. Photo: Wikipedia/

April 15 (UPI) — The Justice Department said Monday it will release a redacted version of the Mueller report Thursday.

The nearly 400-page report will black out four kinds of information — grand jury material, foreign intelligence, ongoing cases and anything that would implicate someone who wasn’t charged.

Attorney General William Barr said last week he would release the report with color-coded redactions. The report’s release will satisfy some who have been calling for it since Barr issued a four-page summary last month.

The summary said it found no evidence President Donald Trump‘s campaign cooperated with Russia during the 2016 presidential race, but it didn’t clear the president of obstructing justice. Barr said he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reached the conclusion without consulting special counsel Robert Mueller.

Democrats have accused Barr of covering for Trump, since he’d said he was skeptical of the investigation well before he became attorney general.

House Democrats have pushed for the full non-redacted report.


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