Russian baby survives building blast, freezing temperatures

Jan. 2 (UPI) — A 10-month-old baby in Russia survived 35 hours in subzero temperatures under debris of a collapsed building before being rescued.

A gas explosion on New Year’s Eve dilapidated the building, causing several fatalities. Rescue workers temporarily suspended their search for survivors out of fear the remnants of the building were too dangerous, NBC News reported. But the baby was found after workers heard crying amidst the rubble Tuesday.

“During the ‘minute of silence’ when rescue works stop to hear potential survivors, crying was heard underneath the debris,” said Boris Dubrovsky, the governor of Chelyabinsk Region, according to Russia Today.

“When we shouted ‘Quiet’ the child themselves stopped crying, but when we shouted to the baby, ‘Where are you?’ the infant responded. Once we were sure, we started digging,” said rescue worker Petr Gritsenko.

The baby has been identified as Vanya Fokin. His parents also survived the blast and were searching for him with rescue workers.

Vanya was reportedly in serious condition. The Russian Health Ministry said the baby suffered from severe frostbite, hypothermia, a head injury and multiple leg fractures.

He was airlifted to a hospital for treatment.


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